Friday Fitness Hike

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Linda, Bob, and I hiked a 13.5 mile loop utilizing the Technical Loop, Stoneman Wash, Pemberton, Dixie Mine, the South Wash, portions of the Long Loop, and several other smaller washes along the way.


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  1. Yikes! How close were you to that scorpion?

    • I was about two to three inches away from the tarantula. Had it been a scorpion, I would not have gotten that close.

  2. Great hike……but took me two days to recover! lol

  3. Susan Davis

    Whoa! Great up close and REAL! And, of course, the other pics are great, as well.

  4. andrea petersen

    Looks like a cross between a tarantula and a scorpion!! But I thought it was a tarantula. Thanks for confirming that,.

    • It was a young tarantula, which is maybe why it was hard to recognize. I shot it at a 24mm effective focal length – that wide angle focal length may have also distorted its features just enough to make it confusing.

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