Friday Fitness Hike

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I hiked 10.3 miles on Friday starting from the Tom’s Thumb Trailhead at the end of 128th St. I hiked up the Tom’s Thumb Trail to the East End Trail, then down East End, continuing on Windmill, Coachwhip, Pemberton, Boulder, Marcus Landslide, Feldspar, and finally finishing up on Tom’s Thumb. Linda accompanied me on the first bit of the hike up Tom’s Thumb. It was great hiking with Linda again – she had been out a while due to a knee injury.

Early morning view from the Tom’s Thumb Trail:

Looking ahead on the Tom’s Thumb Trail – at this point, the hard part of the day’s hike was pretty much done.

 Linda sent me this photo of me taking the photo above. (I did some retouching on it – I like the color correction that I did for this one better than the one above.)

A view from the East End Trail:

Part way down the East End Trail is a small wall:

 A view of Four Peaks from the Windmill Trail:

 Looking at Thompson’s Peak from the Boulder Trail:

This is one of the mushroom rocks alongside the Marcus Landslide Trail:

 A short side trail leads to this broken mushroom rock:

 A large boulder along the Marcus Landslide Trail:

Sven’s slab (right) with another mushroom pinnacle at the far left:

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  1. Nora Leone

    Thanks for the photos of the mushroom rocks. I’ve never heard about them. Sven sounds like a good Minnesotan!

  2. Susan Davis

    It was so great seeing the 3 of u!! I really like the almost ‘pastel’ effect of the first one and the one Linda took. Thanks, as always, for your visual perspective.

  3. jon leverenz

    Great. I have just discarded all my own picts of the area. Why should I bother when you do so superbly. Thank you.

  4. andrea petersen

    Hi Kevin.
    These are simply awesome photos.
    Love the beauty of our desert that you give us the pleasure of seeing through your magnificent photography.

  5. What camera are you using??

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