Friday Fitness Hike

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I hiked 8.3 miles on Friday – Dixie Mine to Sonoran, and then a loop on the Sonoran after crossing into the Preserve. Temperatures were in the mid-eighties when I started, warming up to the mid-nineties when I finished. Once I got to the Promenade Trail, I considered adding the Western Loop, but decided that it was a little too warm and humid to do it comfortably. As it was, I drank all of one of my 3 liter reservoirs and had started on the second just before finishing.

An early morning view from the Dixie Mine Trail:

A look ahead from the Sonoran Trail in McDowell Mountain Park:

This was my first time hiking the new section of the Sonoran Trail since its completion. The left fork is the new section of trail. It leads to the same place – the Promenade Trail – but is almost a quarter of a mile longer than the original segment of the Sonoran Trail.

This trail was well laid out. It follows the contours nicely and, in spots, you forget that you’re near the town.

A view of the McDowells. Tom’s Thumb is visible in this photo.

Nearing the end (where it intersects the Promenade Trail) of the new segment of the Sonoran Trail.

I encountered this Western Diamondback Rattlesnake on the way back while hiking the older segment of trail.

I think this might be Twinberry / Rough Menodora:

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  1. Susan Davis

    Lovely sunrise pic, great capture of all the ocotillo, and I can remember ‘that’ snake on one of ur hikes u almost stepped on in a wash 🙂 It still has its eye on you:)

  2. Great snake photo!

  3. The trail was beautifully done.
    Looks like a great hike…
    A good one to try when it is a bit cooler

    • Yes! Bill did a great job of laying it out and he and his crew did a great job constructing it.

  4. I will look forward to doing that hike sometime in the future! Wow, great rattler picture….the color of his/her eye….it looks turquoise….absolutely beautiful!

  5. That first picture of the 4 peaks is outstanding Kevin!

  6. Jackie Machado

    All the pictures are absolutely beautiful except the picture of the snake, he’s kinda scary. Be careful when hiking. Please be careful!

    • Hi Jackie – That rattler was on a narrow section of trail cut into the hillside. There was steep and loose terrain both above and below the trail. I considered leaving the trail on the uphill side of the snake, but I had visions of myself sliding down the hill into the snake. Going around the snake by going downhill was even less practical due to the steepness. I decided that the best option was to just walk past it. I thought I heard it rattle as I went by, but when I looked back, it’s position hadn’t changed.

      I’m far more worried about bee encounters. The bees here are of the Africanized variety. As you probably know, they are much more aggressive than normal honeybees and will sting en masse to protect their hive.

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