Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I hiked a little over eight and half miles in the Competitive Track area.  We started off on the Tech Loop, made our way into Stoneman Wash, went up a feeder wash to Pemberton, and then made our way over to the Long Loop via a wash that I had not yet visited. We then followed a minor, but passable wash to another segment of the Long Loop which we used for our return.

This is a view from the parking lot just before sunrise:

A view of Red Mountain from the Technical Loop:

We saw this tortoise as we were hiking up the hill leading to T-Bone Ridge on the Technical Loop. Linda and I saw a tortoise – possibly even this same tortoise – in pretty much the same location in 2014.

We made our way into this wash which we used to hike back to the Long Loop:

A view from the Long Loop:

A view from the narrow and winding wash:

The Senna plants are blooming again!

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  1. Susan Davis

    Wonderful picture to start the hike with!! All different perspectives interesting! Thank you!

  2. I think it’s time to give a name to the tortoise! LOL Great photos of a really nice area of the park!

  3. Mary Wysocki

    Cool pic of the tortoise and interesting that you observed him in the same general area before. Thanks for sending the pics! I enjoy viewing them and reading your commentary.

  4. jon leverenz

    Great color.

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