Friday Fitness Hike

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Heather, Dave, and I hike a little over four miles in the Tom’s Thumb Area on Friday.  We hiked up Mesquite Canyon, past Hog Heaven, past the Thumbnail Pinnacle, and then made our way over to the East End (summit), which is the highest point in the McDowells. After that, we hiked down to the Tom’s Thumb Trail and returned to the parking area.

Making our way up to the pass at the top of Mesquite Canyon:

This is an easy section on the way to Hog Heaven:

We saw this turkey vulture along the way:

The prominent rock formation somewhat belong the ridgeline and about a third of the way over from the right hand edge of the photo is Hog Heaven. Above that and to the right is the Thumbnail Pinnacle. This strange looking pinnacle can be seen from Fountain Hills.

Heather makes her way across some large boulders on the way to Hog Heaven:

A view of McDowell Mountain Park – we were surprised at how flat it looked.  It doesn’t feel quite that flat when mountain biking there.

Heather, making her way up a loose section somewhat past Hog Heaven:

Heather and Dave make their way up some more large granite boulders on the way to the Thumbnail Pinnacle.

Thumbnail Pinnacle, up close:

Thompson Peak and other lesser peaks in the McDowells. Thompson Peak’s elevation is 3,984 feet. The East End summit is slightly higher at 4,069 feet.

From this vantage point, above the Thumbnail Pinnacle, it no longer has a hooked shape, but instead looks more like a spire. Weaver’s Needle and the Flatiron can be seen in the distance. The large bright area in front of (and slightly to the right) of Weaver’s Needle looks like it might be a lake, but is actually a quarry.  The Fountain Lake can be seen in this photo – it’s right of the quarry.

The East End (summit) can be seen at the far right in this photo. Below and to the left is a radio repeater.

This is a view from the East End summit.  We hiked along that rocky ridge to get to this point.

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  1. Beautiful photos of my “favorite” hike!

  2. jon leverenz

    A very rugged climb with some very spectacular panoramic views. Really gives impression of how rugged the mts are. Thanks so much.

  3. Anonymous

    Is Thompson Peak the one with the radio towers? I have great memories of this hike on a cooler day at the end of February!

  4. Nora Leone

    Is Thompson Peak the one with the radio towers? I had fun on this hike in February. It was a little cooler…

    • Yes, Thompson Peak is the one with the radio towers.

      It was more fun in February. One good thing about doing it in mid-July is that there were no bees!

  5. Susan Davis

    Great perspectives–u could have been on a drone:) It looked like a ‘rock-hopping’ good hike:)

  6. Great pics..
    Especially in our exceptionally hot summer.
    There’s always love in nature and the outdoors in AZ.

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