Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Mike, Linda, Sara, and I hiked a 8.25 mile loop starting from the Horse Staging Area. The morning was surprisingly cool for mid to late May. I was cold when we started and added a layer that I wore throughout the entire hike.

This is a look at one of the vertical banks in Stoneman/Pemberton Wash.

A dead tree in Stoneman Wash:

This textured region of desert is just south of the service road that connects the Long Loop to the Pemberton.

Bob, Mike, Linda, and Sara. This was a tricky shot to post-process due to shooting into the sun.

Another view from the service road…


A view of Four Peaks from the Pemberton Trail:

A view from the Cinch Trail. ¬†Weaver’s Needle and the Flatiron can both be seen in the distance.

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  1. Gary Wietgrefe

    Amsterdam and McDowell Park. What a cultural contrast. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan Davis

    Very nice–and, as usual, everyone has a big smile:)

  3. Anonymous

    Love the desert, beautiful pictures…miss you guys.
    Love your pictures of Amsterdam as well Kevin, hope you and Marilyn had
    a wonderful time.
    Marilyn and Ben

  4. jon leverenz

    Great. Cold here, too. Jon L.

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