Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Mike, and I hiked a 9.1 mile loop: Pemberton, Lariat, Granite, Stoneman Wash, and back on Pemberton.

Prior to the hike, I noticed this Wolfberry bush. The berries are starting to dry out.

Look for the hare/jackrabbit at the bottom right…

A raven:

Look for the raven nest and raven’s head in the near saguaro:

A view from Stoneman Wash:

The car in Stoneman Wash:

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  1. Susan Davis

    Nice pics, as usual:)

  2. Great wildlife photos! Have a safe trip and see you when you get back. I am planning to join Mike and whoever else shows up next week….looking forward to it!

  3. Anonymous

    You are an amazing guy. Not only do you volunteer to lead and organize hikes and provide very professional photos, most importantly, you have the diligence and commitment to do it every week without fail. Simply amazing. Thank you…Gary

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