Friday Fitness Hike

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Mike and I hiked 8.5 miles starting from the Wagner Trailhead. The desert is drying out, but there is still an abundance of flowers.

We started early – just before sunrise. I got this shot from the Wagner Trail prior to the start of the hike.



Sunrise on the Tortoise Trail:

I think this is Goldeneye:

At around the time that I photographed this bunny, I learned that the soles of my new shoes (Xero Prio) were not impervious to thorns.

This might be Sweetbush:

Saguaros in Stoneman Wash:


Palo Verde:

We saw this very green plant in Stoneman Wash – Mike told me what he thought it was, but I’ve now forgotten:

Wolfberry (or maybe Hackberry) mixed in with some other plants:


Lupine and Poppies:

We saw this plant on the Granite Trail, right next to the lupine and poppies. We didn’t know what it was at the time, but Mike has since identified it as a Fiddleneck.

Desert Pincushion:

This is the wash below the Bluff Trail:


Miniature Woollystar:

Hedgehog cactus:

Hedgehog blossom surrounded by other plants:

Banana Yucca:

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  1. Kevin, I think the unknown yellow flowering plant is: Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia – Common Fiddleneck.
    Special Characteristics:
    Poisonous – The seeds contain the toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids intermedine and lycopsamine.
    Stinging or Itching – The plants are covered in sharp, brittle hairs that can irritate human skin (especially when the plants are dry), so do not walk through a patch of dried Common Fiddleneck if you have bare legs.

    Found it on the following website:


  2. jon leverenz

    Sorry to have missed it. Prize winner of the sunrise!!!

  3. Anonymous

    So much beauty in the desert, love your pictures Kevin. Marilyn and Ben

  4. Beautiful sunrise shot! Also enjoy all the shots of the blooms that are still out there!

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