Soft Star Custom Original RunAmocs

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Shown in the photo below is my newest footwear from Soft Star Shoes. These are a custom pair of Soft Star’s original RunAmoc running moccasins. They’re size 11 in the wide width with flint-colored leather for the front and back of … Continued

Tech Loop Drop Clinic

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On Saturday, Joe and I did a short hike in the Competitive Track Area of McDowell Mountain Park.  We came across a small group of riders who were participating in a mountain biking skills clinic.  We came across them as … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Bill, Nancy, and I hiked 13.5 miles in the Tom’s Thumb Area.  We hiked these trails (in order): Tom’s Thumb, East End, Windmill, Bell Pass, Prospector, Thompson Peak service road, Dixie Mine, Coachwhip, Pemberton, Boulder, Marcus Landslide, Feldspar, and … Continued

Shallmo Wash

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This is Shallmo Wash on Wednesday evening…

Tuesday Night Sunset

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Sunday Hike Photos

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Marilyn, Nancy, Nick, and I hiked the Pass Mountain Trail at Usery Mountain Regional Park on Sunday. Nick, hiking to the top of the pass: Look for mountain bikers at bottom of photo… Looking back at the pass: Marilyn, Nick, … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Mike, Nick, Nancy, and I hiked a little over 13 miles starting from the Horse Staging Area.  We hiked the Long Loop to the South Wash, then went northwest up the South Wash until we got to the Dixie … Continued

Outdoor Kitty

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This cat visited us (on our patio) several times during December. I haven’t seen it recently though.

Saturday Hike Photos

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Marilyn and I hiked portions of the Dixie Mine and Sonoran trails on our Saturday hike.

Friday Fitness Hike

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Eight of us, Bill, Bill, Heather, Janet, Bob, Linda, Nancy, and I hiked a loop of somewhat over twelve miles.  We hiked: Tortoise, Pemberton, Tonto Tank, Pemberton, Boulder, Marcus Landslide, Rock Knob, Pemberton, Bluff Wash, Granite, Wagner. Dead tree on the … Continued

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