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Friday Hike – Picketpost Circumference

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Ben, Marilyn, Denise, Linda, Doug, Marilyn, and I hiked 9.7 miles around Picketpost Mountain.  Total elevation gain was 960 feet.  The trail is actually somewhat shorter than the distance we hiked; we left the trail briefly in a few spots … Continued

March 15 Sunset

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Sunday on the Scenic Trail

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I used Topaz Impression for both of these…

Friday Hike – Peter’s Canyon / Cave

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Doug, Bob, Joe, Linda, Marilyn, and I hiked Tortilla Creek and then Peter’s Canyon to Peter’s Cave in the Superstition Wilderness on Friday.  Our total distance was only a little over five miles with less than 600 feet of elevation gain. … Continued

Marie and Callisto

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Sunday Hike – Pine Creek Loop

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Marilyn and I hiked the Pine Creek Loop on Sunday.

Friday Hike – Brown’s Peak

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Doug, Eva, Bob, and I hiked to the top of Brown’s Peak on Friday.  Brown’s Peak is the highest of the Four Peaks; it is the left-most peak when viewed from the Phoenix area. We hiked Brown’s Trail #133 to … Continued

Friday Hike – Black Ridge Loop

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Nancy, Eva, Linda, Doug, and I hiked the Black Ridge Loop on Friday.  Starting from the Cross F Trailhead, this loop utilizes FR 393, a short portion (several hundred yards) of the Sunflower Trail, an old rancher trail to Brunson … Continued