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Friday Fitness Hike

Bob and I hiked 6.25 miles starting from the Trailhead Staging Area last Friday.

I took this photo from midway up the Hilltop Trail just moments before sunrise.

20140815-DSC05147-Edit-mediumA view looking down the Hilltop Trail.  The trail leads back to the Trailhead Staging Area, which is a large parking lot complete with bathroom and showers.  The early morning light gave the McDowells a magenta glow.
20140815-DSC05151-Edit-medium Other early morning photos, taken shortly after the hike began…

20140815-DSC05161-Edit-medium 20140815-DSC05173-Edit-medium This is a view of Shallmo Wash:20140815-DSC05191-Edit-medium Another view from Shallmo Wash:

20140815-DSC05200-Edit-mediumI took this photo from midway up the hill of the Technical Loop in the Competitive Track area.

20140815-DSC05206-Edit-medium A view from the top of the hill on the Tech Loop.


A view from Stoneman Wash:

20140815-DSC05214-Edit-medium A barrel cactus, viewed from the Pemberton Trail, just before climbing out of Stoneman Wash:


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