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Friday Fitness Hike

Friday’s Hike started from the Wagner Trailhead.  Linda, Bob, and I hiked 11.3 miles total that day.

A view of the sunrise before the hike:


Recent rain has caused the Senna flowers to pop out.

20140808-DSC05032-Edit-mediumAs we hiked some of the washes, we saw evidence of rapidly moving water.

20140808-DSC05038-Edit-medium A rock formation in the wash paralleling the Bluff Trail.

20140808-DSC05041-Edit-mediumMore views from the wash…

20140808-DSC05044-Edit-medium 20140808-DSC05062-Edit-medium 20140808-DSC05068-Edit-medium We saw a large bird, probably a hawk, sitting atop a rock as we hiked a wash.

20140808-DSC05086-Edit-medium I took this photo from the shadow of the saguaro.

20140808-DSC05103-Edit-mediumA view as we neared the Pemberton:

20140808-DSC05104-Edit-mediumApproaching Granite Tank…

20140808-DSC05107-Edit-medium We saw a new gate connecting the Park to the Preserve near Granite Tank.  Linda take a look…


We hiked out on one of the new trails on the Preserve side to this rock formation.  Bob and I scrambled to the top.  Linda took these three pictures:

20140708-018-medium 20140708-022-medium 20140708-023-medium A view of Red Mountain from the Granite Trail:



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