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Sculptor Kendra Fleischman created this work, titled Truth.  It was donated in 2005 by The Fountain Hills Civic Association and Jackie & Jerry Miles.


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Embrace was created by sculptor David Hiles.  It was donated by The Fountain Hills Civic Association, The Sunridge Foundation, and many others – see photo of plaque below for complete list.  (Note: The plaque is in poor condition; I had … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Friday’s hike started from the Tom’s Thumb Trailhead.  Ranger Amy lead four others (including Bill and Kathy from last week’s hike) on a hike of the Marcus Landslide Trail. Bob, Linda, and I hiked less than a half a mile … Continued

Community Center Patio

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Marie suggest this shot.  I noticed that we could see Four Peaks in the right-most windows, so adjusted the tripod’s height and location to see as much of the that reflection as possible. It was an interesting exercise to account … Continued

Santa Clara Wedding Vase Gift

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This work, created by sculptor Doug Hyde, is titled Santa Clara Wedding Vase Gift.  It was donated in 2007 by Jean and Rolland Lorenz to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

More Than Words

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More Than Words was created by sculptor Greg Todd.  It was donated in 2013 by Neil E. (Tony) Atchinson and Sally Ballee’ Atchinson.

Where Have All the Mammoths Gone?

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This sculpture titled, Where Have All the Mammoths Gone?, was created by Martha Pettigrew.  It was donated in 2008 by Jackie & Jerry Miles and the Fountain Hills Cultural & Civic Association. I had considered cloning the flags away, but … Continued

Sunday Morning Clouds

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I took these photos Sunday morning during our bike ride.  There were a lot of clouds with a chance or rain. I think these are the first photos that I’ve posted which were taken with the RX100M2.  It’s a pocket … Continued

Waves & Windows

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This sculpture, by Brian Schader, is called Waves & Windows.  It was donated by Tom and Tina Duffy.  (See photo below of entire plaque.) A close-up, looking through a part of one of the windows.  This photo was taken a … Continued

The Corn Dancer

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This sculpture, by Doug Hyde, is called The Corn Dancer.  It was donated in 2011 by Jean and Rolland Lorenz in memory of their son David.

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