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Friday Fitness Hike

Lloyd, Ben, Marilyn, Diane, Diane, and Marilyn joined me for a 10.6 mile hike in the Dixie Mine Area.  We hiked out on Dixie Mine, visited the mine and the petroglyphs, then continued on Prospector, Bell Pass, and Windmill. When we got to Coachwhip, we turned right; that led us back to the Dixie Mine Trail for our return trip.

I noticed this mossy rock face on the way out…

A view of the mine tailings with brittlebush in the foreground:

Marilyn, Marilyn, and Ben ascending the waterfall.

Owl Clover:

Marilyn takes photos of the poppies…


Heading back on the Dixie Mine Trail:

A view of Four Peaks from the Dixie Mine Trail:


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