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High Noon in Arches National Park

20140604-_DSC3389-Edit-medium 20140604-_DSC3392-Edit-medium 20140604-_DSC3401-Edit-medium 20140604-_DSC3404-Edit-medium

Island in the Sky

Grand Viewpoint Trail

20140603-_DSC3040-Edit-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3045-Edit-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3124-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3157-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3212-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3236-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3242-Edit-medium Aztec Butte20140603-_DSC3257-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3263-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3290-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3302-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3317-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3326-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3335-Edit-medium Mesa Arch

20140603-_DSC3350-Edit-medium 20140603-_DSC3359-Edit-medium

Island in the Sky – OOC vs Lightroom+Photoshop Edit Comparisons

Marilyn took these photos using her Sony RX10.  She has it set to save both JPEG and RAW files.  In the following sequence, for each pair of images, the first image will be the out-of-camera (OOC) JPEG.  The second image of the pair is my edit of the RAW file using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Twilight, looking toward the La Sals.  Kevin is near the edge of the “Island” with his tripod.

20140603-DSC00417-OOC 20140603-DSC00417-Edit-medium


Note the sky detail in the edited version below.  I also burned (darkened) the yellow of the flowers, making the color more intense.

20140603-DSC00458-OOC 20140603-DSC00458-Edit-medium

I like Marilyn’s composition in this one.  The juniper tree is an interesting foreground subject.

20140603-DSC00460-OOC 20140603-DSC00460-Edit-medium

This is a close up of some of the rock formations in Monument Basin.  I almost didn’t bother with this one because both RAW file looked really bland.  Changing the color temperature to 5500K (daylight) helped immensely, but additional work was needed on the contrast.

One of the first things I do when starting to work on a photo in Lightroom is to adjust the color temperature.  The in-camera AWB (auto white balance) setting usually chooses a color temperature which is too blue.  Even so, I find it useful to use AWB just to see what the camera comes up with for the white balance.  Setting it to daylight in the camera would eliminate a step from the edit, but there are times when I prefer the color temperature chosen by the camera.

20140603-DSC00472-OOC 20140603-DSC00472-Edit-mediumThis is Kevin, using his tripod again.

20140603-DSC00476-OOC 20140603-DSC00476-Edit-medium



Another view of Monument Basin:

20140603-DSC00478-OOC 20140603-DSC00478-Edit-medium


This shot shows some of the vegetation on the top of the “island”.

20140603-DSC00482-OOC 20140603-DSC00482-Edit-medium


Marie is reviewing some of her photos while Kevin is still at work with his tripod.

20140603-DSC00501-OOC 20140603-DSC00501-Edit-medium


The sun eventually emerged from the clouds and illuminated the large rock formation to the right.  (I’m sure it has a name, but I don’t know what it is.)

20140603-DSC00508-OOC 20140603-DSC00508-Edit-mediumI really like this composition with another juniper tree.

20140603-DSC00513-OOC 20140603-DSC00513-Edit-mediumThis is a view of a structure built by ancient people atop Aztec Mesa.  There are a number of granaries built just below the top of the mesa.  At one time, it was possible to hike down below the top and look at these granaries, but these areas are now off limits, ostensibly because it’s now too dangerous to visit them.   It’s not clear to me if the structure in the photo(s) below is a granary or some sort of dwelling or shelter.

20140603-DSC00518-OOC 20140603-DSC00518-Edit-medium




Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge, Pt II

These are Marilyn’s photos from the hike that we did on our first full day in the Moab area. This was a new hike for us; it was a fun hike and we’ll definitely do it again some day. We all wore long pants because there’s a lot of poison ivy in the area.  We saw some big patches of it alongside the trail.  (A woman that we met along the way pointed it out to us; I didn’t know what it looks like.)

Marilyn took this shot from the trailhead.  A commemorative plaque is visible on the rock at the bottom of the photo.  We expected this to be a plaque about William Granstaff, after whom the canyon is named, but it was not.


A photo of Kevin hiking ahead…

20140602-DSC00282-Edit-medium A red flower…

20140602-DSC00285-Edit-medium We had some nice clouds that day…

20140602-DSC00287-Edit-medium A photo of Kevin photographing the creek:

20140602-DSC00293-Edit-mediumHere is a link to the photo I took from that vantage point.  The next photo, below, is the one that Marilyn took without me in it.

20140602-DSC00294-Edit-medium Another photo of Kevin…

20140602-DSC00300-Edit-medium There Kevin is again!

20140602-DSC00302-Edit-medium A white flower…

20140602-DSC00319-Edit-medium 20140602-DSC00328-Edit-medium We had to ford the creek quite a few times on our way out to Morning Glory Bridge:

20140602-DSC00334-Edit-medium This is the first glimpse of Morning Glory Bridge.  I didn’t even know it was there when I passed this point.

20140602-DSC00362-Edit-mediumA closer view of Morning Glory Bridge.  The group who eventually rappelled down the wall behind the bridge are on top of the bridge in this photo.

20140602-DSC00369-Edit-medium One of the rappellers:

20140602-DSC00393-Edit-medium Kevin and Marie:



Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge

20140602-_DSC2560-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2563-Edit-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2599-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2644-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2665-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2686-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2695-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2707-Edit-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2710-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2716-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2722-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2845-Edit-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2872-Edit-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2974-Edit-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC2998-Edit-medium 20140602-_DSC3010-Edit-medium

AArchway Inn Flowers

20140601-_DSC2530-Edit-medium 20140601-_DSC2536-Edit-medium