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Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Bridge, Pt II

These are Marilyn’s photos from the hike that we did on our first full day in the Moab area. This was a new hike for us; it was a fun hike and we’ll definitely do it again some day. We all wore long pants because there’s a lot of poison ivy in the area.  We saw some big patches of it alongside the trail.  (A woman that we met along the way pointed it out to us; I didn’t know what it looks like.)

Marilyn took this shot from the trailhead.  A commemorative plaque is visible on the rock at the bottom of the photo.  We expected this to be a plaque about William Granstaff, after whom the canyon is named, but it was not.


A photo of Kevin hiking ahead…

20140602-DSC00282-Edit-medium A red flower…

20140602-DSC00285-Edit-medium We had some nice clouds that day…

20140602-DSC00287-Edit-medium A photo of Kevin photographing the creek:

20140602-DSC00293-Edit-mediumHere is a link to the photo I took from that vantage point.  The next photo, below, is the one that Marilyn took without me in it.

20140602-DSC00294-Edit-medium Another photo of Kevin…

20140602-DSC00300-Edit-medium There Kevin is again!

20140602-DSC00302-Edit-medium A white flower…

20140602-DSC00319-Edit-medium 20140602-DSC00328-Edit-medium We had to ford the creek quite a few times on our way out to Morning Glory Bridge:

20140602-DSC00334-Edit-medium This is the first glimpse of Morning Glory Bridge.  I didn’t even know it was there when I passed this point.

20140602-DSC00362-Edit-mediumA closer view of Morning Glory Bridge.  The group who eventually rappelled down the wall behind the bridge are on top of the bridge in this photo.

20140602-DSC00369-Edit-medium One of the rappellers:

20140602-DSC00393-Edit-medium Kevin and Marie:



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