Tiger on a Ladder

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Marilyn got out a ladder for changing a light bulb late this afternoon.  Tiger climbed the ladder while she was disposing of the old bulb… The exposure I used for this photo was shot at f/8, 1/15 sec, ISO 1600. … Continued

Making Garish Images with GIMP

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This isn’t a tutorial so much as it notes for myself regarding some of my recent experimentation in GIMP.  The resulting images are garish, but I find them oddly compelling. Here is a crop of a photo that I took … Continued

GIMP Tutorial: Using Blur, Grain Extract, and Grain Merge for Vivid Pictures

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I took the photo below while hiking at McDowell Mountain Park recently.  Kind of boring, right? Actually, that’s not quite how it looked out-of-camera.  I cropped it to show half of the flowering plant.   I thought that showing half … Continued