Sunday Hike – Pine Creek Loop / Ballantine Trail

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Friday Hike – Vineyard Trail

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Bill, Bill, Jim, Walt, Bob, Ben, Linda, Marilyn, and I hiked ten miles on the Vineyard Trail. Part of AZT #20, the Vineyard Trail is very scenic with expansive views along its entire length. (The rest of AZT #20 continues … Continued

Friday Hike – Robber’s Roost

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Heather, Mitra, Ben, Nora, and I hiked the Robber’s Roost route in the Superstition.  Starting from the Lost Goldmine Trailhead, this route goes west on the Lost Goldmine Trail, then north and up, up, up on the Carney Springs Trail. … Continued

Friday Hike – Hog Canyon, Hog Ridge, Superstition Ridge, and Hieroglyphic Canyon

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Linda, Denise, Bob, Bill, Bill, and I did an epic day hike in the Superstitions on Friday.  We hiked 10.5 miles with over 3100 feet of total ascent over challenging terrain, some of which was off-trail. Starting at the west … Continued

Sunday Hike – Robber’s Roost / Cave Trail

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Bob and I did some scouting for our upcoming Robber’s Roost hike…

Tuesday Night Sunset

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Wednesday Night Sunset

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Friday Fitness Hike

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Linda, Bill, Mike, Bob, and I hiked a little over seven miles starting from the Horse Staging Area. It was a cool morning, but winter rain has brought us some early flowers! A view from the parking lot (Horse Staging … Continued

Sunday Hike – Superstition Peak 5057 / Balanced Rock Loop

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Bob and I hiked a loop which took us past a cool balanced rock and then took us to the highest peak in the western Superstitions. We returned by by hiking back through Hieroglyphic Canyon as the sun was setting. We hiked … Continued

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