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Monday Night Hike

6.5 miles on Monday evening…

Friday Fitness Hike

Marilyn, Sara, Linda, and I hiked about six miles going to Dixie Mine and back.

On our way out on the Dixie Mine Trail…

Sara, in front of the mine adit:

The petroglyphs are on the left, though they can’t really be seen in this photo. (I’ve taken a lot of other photos of the petroglyphs.)

Ascending the waterfall…

One of the washes we passed (and eventually crossed) on the way back:

Friday Fitness Hike

Our hike on Friday, Jan 4 started from the Horse Staging Area. We hiked about 9.5 miles.

There’s an owl – probably a long eared owl – flying away from us in the photo below. We saw three owls several times as we made our way down the wash.

Friday Fitness Hike

Nick, John, Kay, Sara, Marilyn, Mike, Bob, and I hiked a 11.4 mile loop starting from the Wagner Trailhead.

Wednesday Hike

8.8 miles on Wednesday…

This is a phainopepla:

I think this might be Spiny Goldenweed:

A view of the McDowells through some saguaros near the Scenic Trail:



Saturday Hike

Marilyn and I hiked a little over five miles on the North, Chuparosa, and Verde Trails on Saturday.

Friday Fitness Hike

Laura and I hiked an 11 mile loop in the Tom’s Thumb area on Friday.

Wednesday Night Hike

6.4 miles on Wednesday Night…

Friday Hike – Cave Creek / Skunk Tank Loop

Heather, Marilyn, and I hiked in the Seven Springs area on Friday…

Wednesday Night Hike – MMRP

7.7 miles on Wednesday evening…

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