Lunar Eclipse

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  This is attempt #2 with a different set of 11 frames: This is my original attempt using 11 frames and image averaging to bring some detail out of the noisy images (at ISO 12800) that I got. I wish … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Krisztina, Amy, Linda, and I hiked about seven miles today starting from the Wagner Trailhead. I forgot to bring my camera with me today, but Linda kindly loaned me hers. Thanks, Linda! Amy helped out too by sending me some … Continued

Tuesday Evening Hike

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I hiked the Tech Loop on Tuesday evening, with the last mile or so in the rain.

Sunday Evening Sunset

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This is Shallmo Wash: As I was driving out, I saw a snake in the parking lot. I stopped and got out to take a look. The snake crawled towards the car as I was getting my camera out of … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I hiked a big loop starting at the Tom’s Thumb Trailhead. We hiked about 10.5 miles with over 2,000 feet of total ascent. The first three miles took three hours! This is a view of Morrell’s Wall from … Continued


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I saw this snake on my morning hike…    


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Friday Fitness Hike

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Linda and I hiked a little over 12 miles on Friday. We began at the Horse Staging Area and made our way over to the Pemberton. We hiked to the Dixie Mine Trail, went perhaps half a mile, and then … Continued


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