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Mara sent me this photo…

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I hiked the Dixie Mine Trail out to the service road for the antenna towers.  We then hiked up to the Prospector Trail and took the first wash down towards the mine. There were a large number of … Continued

Box Cats

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Marilyn got a new pair of shoes today.  Callisto decided to check out the shipping box. Freckles has been sleeping in this box which we’ve had for a while now: Callisto then proceeded to examine the shoe box.  You can … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Sarge, Bob, Linda, and I hiked seven miles on Friday.  Starting from the Wagner Trailhead, we walked across the street and took Tortoise to Pemberton, Pemberton to Stoneman Wash, Stoneman Wash to the Bluff Trail Wash, Bluff Trail Wash to … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Linda, and I started from the Horse Staging Area on Friday and hiked a little over 7.5 miles. Sunrise: I took this photo from the parking lot, just after sunrise: A view from the Cinch Trail: Things are looking … Continued

July 4 & 5 Hikes

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Bob and I hiked out to the top of Apache Leap on July 4.  On July 5, we returned to the area and approached Apache Leap from the west side.  We hiked up some old roads and eventually started following … Continued