Friday Fitness Hike

Sarge, Bob, Linda, and I hiked seven miles on Friday.  Starting from the Wagner Trailhead, we walked across the street and took Tortoise to Pemberton, Pemberton to Stoneman Wash, Stoneman Wash to the Bluff Trail Wash, Bluff Trail Wash to Granite, Granite to Wagner, and Wagner back to the trailhead.  (The Bluff Trail Wash feeds into Stoneman Wash.  The Bluff Trail overlooks this wash.)

I arrived at the trailhead just after sunrise, but fortunately, there were some nice clouds obscuring the sun, giving me this shot:

20140718-DSC04460-Edit-medium-3A view from the Tortoise Trail.  Weaver’s Needle is barely visible in the distance.

20140718-DSC04474-Edit-medium This is a view from the Pemberton as it descends into Stoneman Wash.  Red Mountain is visible in the distance.

20140718-DSC04480-Edit-medium There’s an area just off of the Pemberton, but adjacent to Stoneman Wash which was a test site for possible clay mine operations.  There are a number of mounds in this area.

20140718-DSC04486-Edit-medium-2 Another view of some of these mounds, just after entering Stoneman Wash.

20140718-DSC04489-Edit-mediumSarge, taking in some water.

20140718-DSC04498-Edit-medium Seed pods on a palo verde tree.

20140718-DSC04522-Edit-medium Another interesting tree in Stoneman Wash.

20140718-DSC04525-Edit-medium This is a view from near the abandoned car in Stoneman Wash.  (I decided not to take yet another photo of the car this time around.)20140718-DSC04534-Edit-medium-2 Saguaros in Stoneman Wash:

20140718-DSC04549-Edit-medium Linda spotted this rattlesnake.  It didn’t let me get very close for a photo.

20140718-DSC04570-Edit-medium A view of Weaver’s Needle from Stoneman Wash:

20140718-DSC04579-Edit-medium Sarge, getting some more water on the Granite Trail.

20140718-DSC04606-Edit-medium Bob noticed that a large cloud bank was casting obvious shadows…