Piers Gorge

  Anna, Pat, Greg, and Marie sit on a rock at the Piers Gorge trailhead. Turbulent waters of the Menominee River: Rafters going through the rapids: We saw this toad on the way back.

Family Reunion

Utah State Route 279 Rock Art

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Utah State Route 279 snakes along the north bank of the Colorado river.  In many places, not more than a few feet from the road are tall, nearly vertical cliffs.  About 5 miles from the intersection with US 191 is … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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We hiked the Scenic Trail during last Friday’s Fitness Hike.  We had a fairly large group for a hike in June.  Often, it ends up just being the regulars who show up for hikes during the summer months. I didn’t … Continued

Sunrise on the Pemberton

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I took this during an early morning bike ride. Later on, I saw this coyote:  

Friday Fitness Hike

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Today’s hike started at the Wagner Trailhead.  We hiked the Wagner Trail, turned right onto the Granite Trail and hiked past Stoneman Wash, stopping when we got to another wash which feeds into Stoneman Wash.  We hiked a short ways … Continued

Devil’s Garden – Arches National Park

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These are photos from my hike with Marilyn through the Devil’s Garden at Arches National Park. We saw these white flowers near the trailhead. A sandstone fin, one of many in the area: These are prickly pear flowers.  The prickly … Continued

Sunset on the Slickrock Trail

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Not an awesome shot, but this is where I happened to be when the sun set. I got this shot after sunset:  

Canyon View from Slickrock Bike Trail

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I hiked the Slickrock Bike Trail Practice Loop on Saturday evening and took this photo of one of the canyons there.  The canyon was very dark; I can see substantially more detail in this photo (which was composed from three … Continued

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