Friday Fitness Hike

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Friday’s hike took us out to the Dixie Mine (on the Dixie Mine Trail).  We went on to look at the petroglyphs and then hiked further up the canyon past the waterfall to the Prospector Trail.  We hiked the short … Continued


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I took this photo of Callisto while testing the SEL24F18Z (24mm f/1.8 e-mount Zeiss lens). It was taken at f/1.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 640, with no image stabilization.  


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It rained here today, but the precipitation came down as snow at only slightly higher elevations.  I took this photo from my balcony late in the day.

Little Mount Ord

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Marilyn and I hiked to the top of Little Mount Ord yesterday.  We parked at the junction of forest service roads #626 and #1688.  We hiked #1688 until we got to a trail leading to the top of Little Mount … Continued

Sport / Tech Loops

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Marilyn and I rode a couple of laps at the competitive tracks of McDowell Mountain park in the late afternoon. Marilyn on the Tech Loop: A view from the Tech Loop: Marilyn on the Sport Loop: A view near the … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Friday’s hike this week started at the Trailhead Staging Area.  A few of us met early to show Jim Burns, a bird photographer, the approximate location where we had seen the long-eared owl in early January. We hiked out Pemberton towards … Continued

Elephant Mountain

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Marilyn and I hiked at the Spur Cross Ranch Recreation Area on Sunday. We hiked the Spur Cross Trail to Tortuga, at which point we continued straight on Tortuga.  Tortuga branches off to the left, but we continued going straight … Continued

Two Burros

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Marilyn and I visited the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area on Sunday.  We saw two burros in the parking lot.  They’re obviously very well fed; we suspect they wandered over from a nearby ranch.  

Friday Fitness Hike

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Today’s hike started at the Wagner Trailhead.  Fourteen of us hiked out Wagner to the Granite and then to the Delsie Trail.  At Delsie, we split up; Amy’s group finished up by hiking up to Bluff and then back on … Continued

Sleepy Freckles

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Okay, maybe she’s not tremendously sleepy in this photo, but she was prior to me getting out my camera and crawling towards her on the floor.  Her brother, Tiger, is creeping up on her from behind.

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