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This sculpture of Lincoln was created by Mark Lundeen.  It was donated in 2012; see photo of plaque below for a complete donor list.

2013-11-11-DSC01603-medium 2013-11-20-DSC01188-small

Ronald Reagan

Sculptor Mark Lundeen created this likeness of Ronald Reagan.  It was donated in 2013 in the memory of Fred Potenza Jr. by his family.

2013-11-11-DSC01595-medium(Marie appears twice in this photo!)



This sculpture, created by Mike Dwyer, is called Quackers.  It was donated in 2009 by Michael and Jeannie McGonigle with their families, Hammerstone, Kreidel, and McGonigle.


Fountain Park Wall Mural

Student artists from the Fountain Hills High School assisted professional artist Hugo Medina in creating a mural on a wall in the Fountain Park.  This wall is located between the playground area and the Veteran’s Memorial.

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Bob, the Frog

Bob, the Frog is another creation of sculptor Randy Hand.  It was donated by the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills, Randy & Mary Hand, Mary & Joe Cavinato, Jackie & Jerry Miles, Mardelle Willson, and by The Sunridge Foundation.


George, the Tortoise

Sculptor Randy Hand created this piece, titled George, the Tortoise.  It’s located near the playground in the Fountain Park.  The plaques affixed to a nearby wall show an impressive number of donors, many of whom are grandparents honoring their grandchildren.

2013-09-29-DSC00252-medium 2013-09-29-DSC00255-medium


This sculpture of an eagle, by Doug Hyde, is titled America. It was donated to the town of Fountain HIlls in 2012 by Jean and Rolland Lorenz.


Precious Cargo

Jason Napier created this sculpture, titled Precious Cargo, of a large cat carrying one of her kittens.  It was donated in 2001 in memory of Corinne Miles by Jackie and Jerry Miles.

2013-10-05-DSC00484-cropped-mediumI had tried photographing this sculpture on at least three other occasions but, whether shooting at night or during the day, I kept getting an unacceptable amount of glare from the surface of the sculpture, which is polished and shiny.  The color of the stone is really quite beautiful;  I didn’t want to settle for a shot that had a lot of glare in it.  I finally employed some lighting techniques which made it possible to get this shot with minimal glare.



Sculptor Kendra Fleischman created this work, titled Truth.  It was donated in 2005 by The Fountain Hills Civic Association and Jackie & Jerry Miles.



Embrace was created by sculptor David Hiles.  It was donated by The Fountain Hills Civic Association, The Sunridge Foundation, and many others – see photo of plaque below for complete list.  (Note: The plaque is in poor condition; I had to do a significant amount of touch-up to make it look presentable.)

2013-09-22-DSC09453-cropped-medium 2013-09-29-DSC00180-small