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Month: October 2018 (page 2 of 2)

Friday Fitness Hike

Marilyn, Janet, Linda, and Jill joined me for a 10.5 mile hike in the Dixie Mine area.

As we started our hike on the Dixie Mine Trail, we immediately noticed the scouring effects of rain from recent days. Rocky surfaces were cleaner and more textured than before. Soil and some of the smaller rocks had been washed away on other trail surfaces. Washes had become deeper and often required taking a step down and then up to cross them. This was especially noticeable when we got to the trail leading to the mine. Portions of the trail in that area basically no longer exist – taking its place is a deep (one and half to two feet), though not especially wide channel for water to flow.

A view of the mine tailings from the Dixie Mine Trail:

Kevin, Jill, Janet, Marilyn, and Linda:

A view of the McDowells from the Windmill Trail:

Looking toward Four Peaks from the Coachwhip Trail. We saw two deer shortly after I took this photo.

This is where the trail into the mine used to be. We were puzzled by the pipe. It appears to be very old and clogged with sand and small rocks.

We saw this rattlesnake on our way back on the Dixie Mine Trail.

Wednesday Night Hike

On Wednesday night, I did a ten mile loop – Escondido, Pemberton, and Shallmo Wash. The trails were still damp – even muddy in some spots – with significant erosion from the rainfall on Monday and Tuesday. Shallmo Wash Trail was especially hard hit.

A view from the Escondido Trail:

This is the wash that runs WNW to ESE. It’s north of Lousley Hill. The Escondido Trail crosses it and heads west, staying north of the wash until it intersects with the Pemberton Trail.

Areas of washouts on the Shallmo Wash Trail:

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