Second Mesa Maiden

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Big Blue and a Nighttime Fountain

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The bird sculpture in the Fountain Lake is named Big Blue.  It was created by sculptor Don Kenworthy and was donated by Mayor Jerry & Jackie Miles and Councilman Dennis & Judy Brown.

An All Day Job

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Sculptor Rasheas Mukwaira from Zimbabwe created this work, titled An All Day Job.  It was donated in 2009.  See photo of plaque for list of donors.

Coyote and Key

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Sculptor Deon Duncan created this sculpture, titled Coyote and Key.  It was donated in 2012 by Akito and Yuko Masunaga in honor of their son Riku Noah Masunaga.

Quiet Pursuit

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Quiet Pursuit, a sculpture of a bobcat, was created by artist Mike Dwyer.  It was donated in 2013 by Michael and Jeannie McGonigle and families.  (See photo of plaque for details.)

Infinity Ring

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This sculpture is Infinity Ring by Charles Sherman.  It was donated in 2013 by Dwight, Laura, and Lucas Johnson in memory of father and grandfather, Verne C. Johnson. I returned the following evening and reshot the scene using  a 10-18mm … Continued

Roosevelt – The Conservationist

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Artist Dan Snarr created this sculpture depicting Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States.  Titled Roosevelt – The Conservationist, this sculpture was donated in 2008 by The Arizona-Dakota Connection and many others; see additional photo below for the … Continued


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This sculpture of Lincoln was created by Mark Lundeen.  It was donated in 2012; see photo of plaque below for a complete donor list.

Ronald Reagan

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Sculptor Mark Lundeen created this likeness of Ronald Reagan.  It was donated in 2013 in the memory of Fred Potenza Jr. by his family. (Marie appears twice in this photo!)  


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This sculpture, created by Mike Dwyer, is called Quackers.  It was donated in 2009 by Michael and Jeannie McGonigle with their families, Hammerstone, Kreidel, and McGonigle.

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