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Bob’s Siphon Draw / Flat Iron Photos

Bob hiked up Siphon Draw to the Flat Iron on Saturday.  He sent me these pictures…


Bob’s Birds

Bob sent me some photos of the birds that he has in and around his house.  He asked me to edit them and post them here.

A hummingbird built her nest just outside of Bob’s house.

Hungry little birds were born…

Next up is Daffy, whom Bob has had for many years.  Bob tells me that she’s named after the daffodil, a yellow and white flower.  She is a Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, also known as a Yellow-crested Cockatoo.  She weighs 285 grams or a bit over half a pound.

She talks too!  She says “hello” when the phone rings and “goodbye” when someone is leaving.

She’s very affectionate, to Bob anyway…

But, sometimes, she gives him the cold shoulder:

Daffy is often lonely during the day without Bob, so he got her a companion, whom he named Daisy, an Umbrella Cockatoo that weighs in at 500 grams or about 1.1 pounds.

Bob is slowly trying to get the birds acquainted with each other, moving their cages slightly closer together each day.  Daisy has been sticking her leg out in between the bars of her cage so that she can wave at Daffy.  Daffy did not respond well to this at first, but is, perhaps, slowly warming to Daisy.

Daisy talks too.  On her first day in the house, Daisy said “Oh, it’s okay.” in response to some of Daffy’s cries.  But she has said other things too, leading Bob to conclude that her previous owner just wasn’t able to tolerate a noisy bird.  (Bob got her, via his bird doctor, from an avian homeless shelter.)

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