Red Mountain through Ocotillo Branches

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I took this photo back on July 14 just after a big storm swept had swept through the area.  I had tried editing it several times, but wasn’t happy with the results.  Today, I tone mapped the image and then … Continued

Sunrise Photos: New Edits

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I’ve been trying the Mantiuk ’06 tone mapping operation on some of the photos that I’ve edited in the past to see what additional detail might be revealed.  In both of the photos below, the foreground was very dark and, … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Today, Bob, Amy, and I hiked the North Trail.  Bob and I continued on up the Chuparosa Trail when we got half way around the loop.  Once we got to the Pemberton, we hiked up to the 150th street trail … Continued

Rock Knob

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I got this photo during last Sunday’s bike ride.  Rock Knob is the smaller mountain (hill?) in the foreground.  (It looks more like a huge jumble of boulders in this photo than any kind of defined “knob”.)  Part of it … Continued

A View from the Pemberton as Dusk Approaches

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This is another shot from last Sunday’s bike ride.  It was taken from the Pemberton Trail, perhaps a quarter mile from the site of the old homestead.

Palo Verde Tree and Four Peaks

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I’ve taken several photos of this tree on recent fitness hikes where we’ve hiked the Bluff Trail.  It’s right at the top of Bluff sitting atop a small hill by itself.  I hadn’t gotten a shot that I liked until … Continued

Sunday Bike Ride on the Pemberton

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It was a cool day for September – only 85 degrees – so I went out for a bike ride on Sunday afternoon. The trails were in remarkably good condition after the monsoon rain that we got on Friday. The … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike, Monsoon Edition

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Today’s hike started at the Wagner Trailhead.  Bob, Janet, Linda, Amy, and I hiked the Wagner to the Granite, and turned onto a trail unofficially known as the “Cowboy” trail.  Ranger Amy hiked out perhaps halfway with us on the … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I met at the Wagner Trailhead today for the Fitness Hike. Ranger Amy showed up briefly to tell us that she had a sore throat. Textured clouds made for a brilliant sky just prior to sunrise.  I’ll admit … Continued

Sunset over the McDowells

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I got this photo earlier tonight from the top of my roof.

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