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Amy and I saw this snake on our Thursday Morning Hike…   Here’s another version – this is what I fed into Topaz Impression to get the result above.

Sunday Evening Sunset

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This is Shallmo Wash: As I was driving out, I saw a snake in the parking lot. I stopped and got out to take a look. The snake crawled towards the car as I was getting my camera out of … Continued


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I saw this snake on my morning hike…    

Rattlesnake and Hare

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  Taken with my HX90V during my morning ride.


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I saw this snake on Saturday’s bike ride.

Snake in a Tree? How can that be?

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We saw this snake during our hike today.  It started out on the ground, but then raced off, climbing into the tree.  Bob identified it as a red racer.  

Friday Fitness Hike

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  This week’s hike started at the Wagner Trailhead, though we never actually got around to hiking the Wagner Trail.  Even so, we hiked 8.7 miles. I got this photo of the sunrise before the hike started.  Part of the … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Janet, Linda, Bob, and I hiked out on the Pemberton from the Trailhead Staging Area today.  We passed the site of the ranch homestead until we found a promising looking wash heading west.  We hiked the wash, seeing three snakes … Continued

Snakes on the Pemberton!

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I saw two snakes while riding earlier today.  These snakes were perhaps 400 yards apart, on the eastern end of the new stretch of the Pemberton.  The first snake I saw was a rattlesnake, probably a Western Diamondback.  Another rider … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I met at the Wagner Trailhead today for the Fitness Hike. Ranger Amy showed up briefly to tell us that she had a sore throat. Textured clouds made for a brilliant sky just prior to sunrise.  I’ll admit … Continued

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