Friday Fitness Hike

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I hiked 8.3 miles on Friday – Dixie Mine to Sonoran, and then a loop on the Sonoran after crossing into the Preserve. Temperatures were in the mid-eighties when I started, warming up to the mid-nineties when I finished. Once … Continued

Sunday Hike – Pine Creek Loop / Ballantine Trail

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Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I hiked a little over eight and half miles in the Competitive Track area.  We started off on the Tech Loop, made our way into Stoneman Wash, went up a feeder wash to Pemberton, and then made our … Continued

Wednesday Night Hike

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Marilyn and I did a short loop at McDowell Mountain Park on Wednesday evening. It was somewhat humid, but only in the mid-nineties. This is a view from the Shallmo Wash Trail:

Friday Fitness Hike

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I hiked 10.3 miles on Friday starting from the parking lot for the Dixie Mine Trail at the end of Golden Eagle Blvd. I hiked Dixie Mine, Coachwhip, Windmill, Bell Pass, Prospector, service road, and then back on Dixie Mine. … Continued

Molly and Callisto

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Sunday Hike

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Marilyn and I hiked the Scenic Trail on Sunday.  Temperatures were in the mid-eighties with roughly fifty percent humidity.  Marilyn saw a shiny snake as she hiked. I saw a small flowering cactus, which is, I think, kind of unusual … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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I hiked 6.4 miles on Friday: Escondido, Cinch, Scenic, Pemberton, Shallmo Wash.  Temperatures weren’t bad for this time of year – it was in the low eighties when I started and nearly ninety when I finished.

Point Trail / West Clear Creek

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Marilyn, Marie, Bob, and I hiked the Point Trail to West Clear Creek on Sunday. When we got down to the creek, we changed into neoprene socks and started hiking up canyon.  We paused at the entrance to Sundance Canyon … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Heather, Dave, and I hike a little over four miles in the Tom’s Thumb Area on Friday.  We hiked up Mesquite Canyon, past Hog Heaven, past the Thumbnail Pinnacle, and then made our way over to the East End (summit), … Continued

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