Friday Fitness Hike

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I hiked 8.3 miles on Friday – Dixie Mine to Sonoran, and then a loop on the Sonoran after crossing into the Preserve. Temperatures were in the mid-eighties when I started, warming up to the mid-nineties when I finished. Once … Continued

Sunday Hike – Pine Creek Loop / Ballantine Trail

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Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I hiked a little over eight and half miles in the Competitive Track area. ¬†We started off on the Tech Loop, made our way into Stoneman Wash, went up a feeder wash to Pemberton, and then made our … Continued

Wednesday Night Hike

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Marilyn and I did a short loop at McDowell Mountain Park on Wednesday evening. It was somewhat humid, but only in the mid-nineties. This is a view from the Shallmo Wash Trail: