Friday Photography Hike

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I did a “photography” hike by myself on Friday. I hiked 6.2 miles starting from the Wagner Trailhead.

Server Build

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These are photos of a new file server I’m building:


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Friday Fitness Hike

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Linda, Bob, and I hiked 11.5 miles starting from the Horse Staging Area. We hiked over to the Pemberton Trail and then took Pemberton to Dixie Mine Trail. We hiked down Dixie Mine until we got to South Wash, which … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Lisa, Shawn, and Jovanka joined me for a six mile hike out to Dixie Mine and back. These are the mine tailings above the lower entrance. Shawn, Jovanka, and Lisa at the adit (horizontal mine entrance). Petroglyphs: Lisa, Jovanka, and Shawn: … Continued

Wednesday Evening Hike

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Photos from my Wednesday evening hike in McDowell Mountain Park…

Labor Day Hike on the Ballantine Trail

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Marilyn hiked 5.1 miles on the Pine Creek Loop and the Ballantine Trail.  We saw two tortoises on our hike!

Friday Fitness Hike

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Linda, Bob, Jerry, and I hiked 9.3 miles starting from the Trailhead Staging Area. Sunrise: Stoneman Wash: I think this is White Thorn Acacia: Barrel Cactus with new blooms: This might be another Acacia. We were wondering about the plant … Continued