Crested Saguaro Revisited

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This is a new edit of a photo that I took almost three years ago.

Wednesday Morning Hike

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I hiked Lousley Hill on Wednesday Morning…

Mary Ann

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  Mara took this photo of Mom / Grandma.

Marie at Wukopi

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I saw this snake on Saturday’s bike ride.

Friday Fitness Hike

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Marilyn, Linda, Denise, Bob, and I hiked out to the Dixie Mine and back on Friday.  While in the area of the mine, we went to the top of the mine tailings. We hiked seven miles total. Hedgehog cacti on … Continued

Wednesday’s Night Sky

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I took this photo in order to compare the RX100M2 and the HX90V.  (It’s not worth looking at the HX90V result.) I used the following exposure parameters: ISO 160, f/5.6, 15 sec.  I chose these to more closely match the … Continued

Sunset at Shallmo Wash

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Version 2: Version 1:

Friday Fitness Hike

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Allen, Janet, Linda, Bob, Marilyn, and I hiked a little over eight miles on Friday. We hiked a loop consisting of the Tortoise, Pemberton, Lariat, Granite, and Wagner trails. Sunrise: We saw a tortoise (in the tortoise enclosure) at the start … Continued


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I saw this raven on Saturday’s bike ride:

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