Friday’s Sunset

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Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob and I hiked the Dixie Mine, Sonoran, Promenade, and Western Loop trails on Friday for a hike of about 10 miles with 2,000+ feet of total ascent. I got this shot while walking through the Eagle’s Nest gated community. … Continued


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FHHS Homecoming Game

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Castle Valley Overlook

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Marilyn took this photo from the Castle Valley Overlook on June 8, 2014.   Here’s a photo that I took from that area on the same day. Comparing the two now, I think I should have used warmer colors when … Continued

Friday Photography Hike

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None of the fitness hike regulars could make it to last Friday’s hike, so I decided to bring my tripod and my NEX-7 with a heavy lens, a Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 which hasn’t gotten a lot of use (yet).  I … Continued

Ash Street, Burlington, Iowa

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I took this photo in early November last year during my trip to Burlington.

Bird of Paradise Flower

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Below is yet another shot of a Bird of Paradise flower from the plant in our backyard. This one was taken using a Sony NEX-7 with Sigma 105mm macro lens at f/5, ISO 400, 1/400sec.  The NEX-7 was set in … Continued

Joe’s Hike in the State Trust Land

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Sony RX100 III with Lensmate Filter Adapter

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Below are photos of my Sony RX100 III with Lensmate Filter Adapter.  Attached to the adapter is a B+W Circular Polarizer.  This is the camera that I used to take the most recent two sets of hiking photos.

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