Friday’s hike started from the Lousley Hill Trailhead.  Bob, Allen, Janet, Sarge, Bella, Savannah, and I hiked one lap on Lousley Hill.  We then hiked up Lousley Wash to the Pemberton Trail and took the Escondido Trail back to Lousley Hill Trail, for a four mile hike. I went on to hike another four miles by myself, adding in another lap of Lousley Hill along the way.  As I was hiking down Lousley Hill, I noticed that my total ascent was at around 700 feet.  I hiked up and down a steep(ish) section of the hill two times to bring the total ascent up to 1,000 feet for the day.

A view of the sunrise from near the Trailhead:

20140801-DSC04804-Edit-medium Allen, Janet, and Bob, with dogs Savannah, Bella, and Sarge part way up the Lousley Hill Trail.

20140801-DSC04839-Edit-medium Lousley Wash:

20140801-DSC04848-Edit-mediumA water break for dogs on Lousley Wash:

20140801-DSC04860-Edit-medium Hiking Lousley Wash…

20140801-DSC04876-Edit-medium A large, many-armed saguaro on the Escondido Trail.

20140801-DSC04904-Edit-medium A hedgehog cactus:

20140801-DSC04913-Edit-medium More saguaros on the Escondido Trail:

20140801-DSC04935-Edit-medium 20140801-DSC04942-Edit-medium Another hedgehog cactus next to the remains of a cholla:

20140801-DSC04959-Edit-mediumRocks encountered along the Escondido Trail…

20140801-DSC04966-Edit-medium 20140801-DSC04978-Edit-medium A view of Red Mountain in the distance.

20140801-DSC04984-Edit-medium Returning on the Escondido Trail:

20140801-DSC04987-Edit-medium A view of the overlook on Lousley Hill.  If you look very closely, you can just make out a railing at the overlook.20140801-DSC05002-Edit-medium A palo verde tree near the top of Lousley Hill: