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Mitch, Atop Corona Arch

We met Mitch and his wife during our visit to Corona Arch. Marilyn took these photos of Mitch atop Corona Arch.

20150607-DSC03406-medium 20150607-DSC03408-medium 20150607-DSC03409-medium 20150607-DSC03412-medium

Island in the Sky

20150606-_DSC6716-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC6755-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC6896-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC6899-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC6914-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC6926-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC6965-Edit-medium 20150606-_DSC7010-Edit-medium

Skyline Arch


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