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Thanksgiving Day Photos

Darrick and Mara sent me some Thanksgiving Day Photos.

This one is from Darrick of the table set for the meal with Anna reading in the background.

This is a photo of Mara (in the pink top) running in the Turkey Trot.

Mara, Tom, and Katie:

Mara with Erin:

Darrick sent me this one later in the day:

Here are two photos from our Thanksgiving meal:

More photos from Mara:

Tracy sent me this photo – Darrick is in this one:

Greg at the Finish Line

Tracy sent this photo of Greg yesterday.  He ran a 2.1 mile race (trail run) at Tracy’s school, finishing in 13:36, winning the race.

Congratulations, Greg!

Darrick’s Kitchen Remodeling


Today (2012-08-02)…

Darrick says he’ll send a new photo once it’s done.  I’ll update this post when that happens.

Duluth, on the Canal Pier

It’s 64 degrees and windy!

At Lake Superior