Friday Fitness Hike

On Friday, the 27th, Linda and I hiked 10 miles starting from Tom’s Trailhead. We hiked a big loop: Marcus Landslide, Boulder, Pemberton, Coachwhip, Windmill, East End, and down Tom’s Thumb (adding in Feldspar with a return on Marcus Landslide to get us up to 10 instead of just 9).

Sunrise from the parking lot:

An early morning rainbow!

Prominent boulders near Sven Slab:

A view of the McDowells from the Boulder Trail:

As we were hiking up the Coachwhip Trail, I stepped over this rattlesnake, thinking it was a rock.  Linda called my attention to it, allowing me to get this photo…

Two views from the East End Trail…

This is a view of the pinnacle known as “Glass Dome” from near the intersection of the Tom’s Thumb and East End trails.

A view of Gardener’s Wall and Tom’s Thumb as we hiked down Tom’s Thumb Trail: