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Friday Fitness Hike

On Friday, the 19th, Kay and her daughter, Sarah, joined me for a seven mile hike starting from the Wagner Trailhead.

Sunrise at the Wagner Trailhead:

Kay, making her way up over the only significant obstacle when hiking Bluff Wash. If you look closely, you can see Sarah spotting her below.

Sarah and Kay:


We found an area, near Stoneman Wash, with numerous Senna flowers:

A view of (part of) the McDowells; look for Morrell’s Wall and Tom’s Thumb (and even Sven Slab) toward the right in the photo:

Some kind of hawk, we think:

Stoneman Wash:

This rabbit is missing a chunk of it’s right ear!

An interesting formation along the bank of Stoneman Wash:

A closer look…

A raven:

A view of the Superstitions in the distance from the Wagner Trail; both Weaver’s Needle (left of center) and the Flatiron (to the right) can be seen in this photo:

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