May 20 was one of our travel days.  Our four days in Torrey / Capitol Reef had been cold and occasionally slightly wet. On the 20th, we woke up to find our truck (and pretty much everything else) covered with snow. When we arrived at Bryce Canyon, we found even more snow along with poor visibility. We didn’t stay long.

This was the view from the parking area of the Broken Spur. In addition to standard motel rooms, guests are also lodged in the covered wagons; it provides a “glamping” experience. We spoke with a fellow who was in one during the evening snowstorm. He said that they worked very well at keeping the weather out. I had hoped to see what they looked like inside, but when I walked around, I saw that they were locked up.  (As I recall, the canvas at the end of the wagon unzips.  Beefy looking padlocks keep them secure.)

Another view from the Broken Spur in Torrey:

Views from Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park:

Visibility was somewhat better from the parking lot / overlook for Fairyland Canyon (also within Bryce).