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Friday Fitness Hike


Marilyn and I hiked in the Tom’s Thumb area on Friday. Marilyn hiked up Tom’s Thumb Trail and waited for me at the intersection with the East End Trail.  I hiked up Mesquite Canyon and then hiked up past Hog Heaven, the Thumbnail Pinnacle, and then followed the ridge line to the summit (East End), after which I hiked down to meet Marilyn. We both continued up to Tom’s Thumb and then looped around back to Tom’s Thumb Trail. I hiked just over five miles with a bit over 1900 feet of total ascent. Lack of recent rain has made steep, gravelly sections of the trails loose and slippery.

This is sunrise from the top of Mesquite Canyon:

Continuing a short ways further brought me to this interesting rock, which also provided a view of the Fountain.

Looking towards the northeast:

This is the main wall of the Hog Heaven climbing area:

I think this is Goldeneye:

Looking towards Four Peaks:


I don’t know what this is, but it’s a small red flower that I saw just beyond the chickory on my way up to the Thumbnail Pinnacle.

New Mexico Thistle:

The Thumbnail Pinnacle looks very different depending upon from where you view it.

The route goes up the hill / ridge to the right:

Another shot of the Thumbnail Pinnacle, taken while standing in its shadow.

Looking towards Thompson Peak:

Looking back downhill towards the Thumbnail Pinnacle:

I took this shot from the ridge line as I made my way over to the East End (summit). The East End Trail can be seen in this photo.


Looking towards Four Peaks from the ridge line:


This is a view from the summit. My route took me across the boulder encrusted ridge line at the left in this photo.

I saw this Desert Four O’Clock just as I was beginning my descent.

A short while later, I saw some other one in the shade that seemed to be fairing better.

The two prominent pinnacles in this photo are Glass Dome on the left and Tom’s Thumb on the right. The edge of Gardener’s Wall can be seen below and to the right of Tom’s Thumb.

Another view of Glass Dome from the Tom’s Thumb Trail.


Hedgehog blossoms:

This is a view of the west (and slightly north) side of Tom’s Thumb:

Mariposa Lily:

A view of Tom’s Thumb and the Rist (which is the big rock pile to the right of Tom’s Thumb in this photo). Glass Dome and Weaver’s Needle can also be seen in this photo.

Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain are at the left:

This rock formation is on the southwest side of the ridge line.

I think this is Phacelia:

Mariposa Lily:

Looking back up hill…

Prickly Pear:

White Ratany:

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