Pedal Cruiser Photos


Most of us rode the Pedal Cruiser on Sunday Afternoon. I found it to be a very good workout. The driver’s name is Bryce. He helped us out from time to time by activating the motor.



Bryce took this photo of us. The first one that he took was out of focus. I saw him pause before taking the second one, so evidently he figured out the focus point that I was using.


I took the background for the photo below during the pedal cruiser ride. The photo of Anna, however, was taken in Mom and Dad’s backyard.  In that picture, I really liked the way that Anna turned out in that photo, but the background was blown out. I used Topaz ReMask to extract Anna from that photo so that I could insert her into this one. I did some retouching of Anna’s face using frequency separation techniques. I couldn’t figure out what to do about the reflection in Anna’s glasses, so I left that part alone.