Around-the-house Photos

These photos were taken at my Mom and Dad’s house.

I think this is a good photo of Mom.



I didn’t quite nail the focus on this shot of Marilyn. But at this resolution, it’s not too bad.

I had to counter a severe yellow cast on this one. My assumption was that the refrigerator door is white, but after working on some other photos, I’m not sure that’s true. (I forgot to look when I was there.)


The camera used ISO 3200 for this one. It turned out surprisingly good for such a high ISO. I had a hard time color correcting the foliage visible through the windows.

This one is grainy, but that comes from using ISO 12800.20150620-_DSC8733-Edit-medium

Mara with Teddy:


Marie, sketching:


Mara and Tom:


Katie and Pat cooking:


Anna helped out with the food preparation too.

I had to counter a green cast on Anna’s face and hair facing the window to the outside. There were other areas of green too. I made a mask based on a curved a channel (in Lab space) to get rid of the green in those areas. I probably should have left the celery in that mask because I think that a is too negative – the celery looks too green to me.20150621-_DSC8094-Edit-medium

I used my tripod to take this photo of myself. I prefocused on the post on which my right elbow is resting.