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New Edits of Photos taken on 2015-04-25

These photos are from a fitness hike on the Sonoran and Western Loop Trails. I decided to edit them again using the PPW and am posting them here with links to the originals for comparison. (Clicking on a link or photo should display a lightbox.)



New edit on 2015-04-23.


For the next photo, I did two edits and then a blend as Dan Margulis recommends.

Original (#1).



Edit #2.




Edit #3.


#4, This is a blend using 25% of the luminosity of #2 and 45% of the color from #2 with the rest of the luminosity and color coming from #3.


Edit #4; Blend w/ 25% luminosity from #2, 45% color, with remainder of color and luminosity coming from #3.


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