Last Friday’s hike started at the Horse Staging Area. We hiked Escondido to Cinch, and then Cinch to Scenic. We turned right on Scenic, going up the hill and hiking atop the ridge. When we got to Pemberton, Nick and I turned right onto Pemberton and then right again onto Escondido. We finished the hike on Escondido. (We actually hiked a short ways up Shallmo Wash too; I wanted to get my distance for the day over 10 miles.) Bob, Allen, Janet, Mary Lou, and the four dogs turned the other way on Pemberton for a somewhat shorter hike.

According to my GPS watch, going right onto Scenic from Cinch only adds 0.2 miles compared with going left on Scenic. That being the case, there’s not much of a reason to go the “shorter” way. Hiking atop the ridge is a much nicer hike, in my opinion.

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