La Boqueria is THE market to visit in Barcelona off Las Ramblas.  A little of everything here, and all of it is colorful (yeah, expensive, too, but fun!)  Smoothies and fruit concoctions are popular.  Locals must find the influx of tourists an annoyance!

A carniceria featuring Iberian ham…their piggies roam wild and feed on acorns.

In the 1970’s I always saw piggies laid out in the windows of carnicerias, or hanging to cure (I guess) in the butcher shops of Spain.  I suppose times are changing…I did not see any of that this time, but did catch a glimpse of game fowl and bunnies in la Boqueria.

Fruterias and verdulerias–artistic in their own way.

OK…this is not a pretty sight to American eyes, but is very typical fare for a Spanish carniceria.  Liver, sheep head, cow tongue…I’m sure my grandmother would not have blinked an eye at this in her day, but you surely don’t see it in America often.