Not too far from Segovia is the town of Burgos, much famed as the home town of  “El Cid Campeador”, the medieval Christian warrior knight who fought on behalf of Spain’s Christian kingdoms to push back Moorish invaders.  In the foreground is Luis, our “precious” guide.  He is truly proud of his town’s heritage and will patiently tell you every detail about its history.  He kindly gave me a poster illustrating El Cid’s ancestral relationships to dozens of former and current royalty.  He shows students the town gate and how the towers of Notre Dame in Paris are a stunted version of Burgos’ bell towers.  Luis knows all……wpid6817-20141011-DSC01404.jpg


Close up of the town gate upon entering Burgos.


View of the Gothic cathedral of Burgos.

Alicia, Catalina, Paige and Tulsi in front of the cathedral–selfie time?

Again, star of David is featured in an archway entrance.


Cathedral facade with sculture.

Side entrance door.

Altarpiece in the cathedral.

Amazing cupola in the center of Burgos’ cathedral.


El Cid  (Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar) and his wife Jimena are both buried here.

More examples of stained glass work in the cathedral.

Close up of the rose window.

These are ceremonial carts formerly used in processions.  The silver came from Spain’s colonies in South America and Mexico.

Here lies Pedro and his wife….sadly, I’d have to read the Latin inscriptions on the side to tell you who this couple was.


The altar features a typical statue of “Santiago Matamoros” (St. James the Moor Slayer).  St. James is Spain’s patron saint and according to legend, he would appear during battles between warring Christian and Moorish to rally the Spaniards.  Troops in the field probably needed a morale boost.

Town plaza in Burgos.


This marks the place where Fernando and Isabela received Columbus in audience as he returned from his second voyage to the New World.

The statue of El Cid Campeador in the center of Burgos.

Although El Cid was the ideal of the Christian knight in Spanish legend, in reality he was a mercenary–as were many  of his contemporaries.  He fought on behalf of both Christian and Moorish leaders on occasion.

Burgos has a lovely long promenade/park that stretches alongside the cathedral area.

Residents enjoy a stroll in their park.  A ceramics fair was exhibiting wares from local artisans during our visit.

Departing view of the town gate as night fell.