Friday Fitness Hike

Last Friday’s hike started at the Dixie Mine Trailhead. We hiked Dixie Mine to Sonoran and took Sonoran until it joined with the Promenade Trail. At that point, Linda, Janet, Charles, Angel, and Marilyn turned back for a 7.8 mile hike. Bob and I continued on. We hiked up the Western Loop Trail, stopped briefly at the overlook and then continued on down the Western Loop Trail. We then took the recently constructed Andrews-Kinsey Trail to the Sunrise Trail. We hiked to the top of Sunrise Peak and then returned to the Fountain Hills side by retracing our steps on the Andrews-Kinsey Trail. Altogether, we hiked a little over 15 miles with 2800 feet of total ascent.

This is a view from the Sonoran Trail, somewhat before reaching the Preserve.


A view from the Western Loop Overlook:


This is another view from the Western Loop Overlook. The Andrews-Kinsey Trail is visible in this photo.


We saw some Brittlebush in bloom, which is kind of unusual for this time of the year.


A saguaro on the Andrews-Kinsey Trail:


A barrel cactus on the Andrews-Kinsey Trail:


It was crowded on top of Sunrise Peak:


This dog was able to drink directly from a water bottle! It didn’t spill much either.


Yet another view from Sunrise Peak:


This is a view of Fountain Hills as we were descending Sunrise Peak.





I noticed this rock outcropping on the way back.


Another view, from the other side, of the saguaro that we saw earlier in the hike.


More saguaros on the Andrews-Kinsey Trail: