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Little Saddle Mountain Trail

Bob, Marilyn, and I hiked the Little Saddle Mountain Trail on Sunday.  This was my second time hiking it after the Sunflower Fire of 2012.  Marilyn, Joe, and I had attempted to hike it roughly six months after the fire, but had difficulty due to the trail disappearing under new growth and washed out areas.  The Little Saddle Mountain Trail is now part of the Arizona Trail; it was in very good condition.

It was cool and hazy during most of our hike.  There were still wildflowers growing alongside the trail and in and around the creek.  The haze forced me to take more flower pictures than I might otherwise.

We made it all the way up the the Saddle Mountain Trail.  Distance from the Trailhead to the Saddle Mountain Trail was about 4.2 miles.  Bob and I hiked a short ways on the Saddle Mountain Trail, bringing our distance up to 4.5 miles for a 9 mile hike total.  Total ascent was just over 2200 feet according to my GPS.  (Bob’s GPS showed an additional 200 feet or so of ascent.)20140511-_DSC1662-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1668-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1689-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1704-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1710-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1713-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1722-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1728-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1792-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1803-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1826-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1892-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1901-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1913-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1919-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1946-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1949-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1979-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC1997-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2003-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2009-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2024-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2030-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2045-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2102-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2117-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2123-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2126-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2138-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2150-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2153-Edit-medium 20140511-_DSC2156-Edit-medium

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